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We think our family groups, events, and everything we do are designed for any and every international student, no matter what their religious background is.

However, we know that there are some IFC international student members who are themselves followers of Jesus Christ and they want opportunities to go deeper in the Bible as well as have opportunities to connect with other international student followers of Jesus.

The opportunities listed below are designed especially for international students who follow Jesus or for students who want to become Christian. However, even these opportunities are open to students who might still be exploring Christianity.


Come to our iTOG Group. "TOG" stands for Theology of the Gospel...and the "i" means we have a special group designed for international students in IFC. **iTOG starts February 18th**


Theology of the Gospel is for people who desire to go deeper in their knowledge and study of The Bible and all that it really teaches us about God, Mankind, Jesus, how we are saved from our sin, what God does in us after he saves us, and more.

iTOG will happen every Sunday afternoon, from 1:30 to 3pm, at Memorial Lutheran Church (which is right across Lincoln Way from the MU). iTOG will begin February 18 and it will finish around April 22nd.

The group time is about 90 minutes per week for roughly 8 weeks. During the time we will go through the Theology of the Gospel book and discuss various questions about different topics that allow us all to go deeper in our understanding of important Christian beliefs. We will meet on or near campus so that it is convenient for you

Outside of group time, we have various Bible passages and other activities that will help us really learn some things for ourselves that will fuel and enlighten our discussion about the topics (don't worry, it's not too much time).

The iTOG book costs $10. We will plan to provide coffee and snacks during our time together.

Please signup HERE. You also can just showup...however if you sign up ahead of time we will be able to communicate any iTOG updates with you.

Read below for some stories on how 4 students who have taken iTOG feel it has helped them:

"I was not a Christian when I started to take this class. I had studied bible and wanted to believe in the Son of God, Christ. However, accepting Christ was really tough for me. So I wanted to use and try every resources around me to get to know more about God. This class helped me to get close to God by challenging to myself. Not only I could go over the fundamental facts about Gospel, but I could have chances to ask questions to people around me...I was grateful that God gave me a desire to take this class even though I was having a busy semester. Looking back now, I can definitely tell that I was on His hand. He led me to take the class so that I could understand more about Him and grow in Him. I appreciate for all His plan on me."

"I have been attending family group and church service at Cornerstone. I love going for family group because I get to meet people from all over the globe, we share meals and study the Bible together which to me is my family away from home. However, for a long time I had been searching for something i.e. class/fellowship/group to challenge/help me grow in my walk as a Christian. When I heard about iTOG, I got excited because finally this could probably be what I had been searching for. And it was!!!!!!!! I was able to not only read but also study the Bible and look at so many aspects of the Bible that I thought I knew from a different perspective. This class encouraged me to study my Bible on a daily basis and apply what I had learned in my day-to-day activities. I got to meet wonderful people and make new friends too. I benefited a lot from this class and would recommend it to everyone."

"Here is how I feel iTOG benefited me: It gave me a clear understanding and erased my misconception that I had that salvation could only be attained through good works. The teacher explained so well that my fear was gone. Initially before I attended iTOG, whenever I felt that I had committed sin I would distance myself from my Creator, feeling that I didn't deserve any grace from Him but after I'd attended iTOG, I came to know that the time I needed to get closer to God even more was when I had sinned against Him. I realized how sinful I was that even the works that I was perceiving as good were not enough to earn me God's grace. Now I look at God as my father who loves me and the only thing I need to do is have faith in Jesus. I also liked how the class helped me to understand a broader picture of the bible: - as having God the creator on one hand; on the other hand how man who enjoyed God's favor becomes rebellious; and Jesus coming in between to reunite man back to the creator. In short, there are deeper bible insights that are discussed throughout the class and I would greatly encourage any friends who haven't attended it yet to enroll for it. Try it guys. You won't be the same!"

"iTOG was a pivotal point for me in my walk with Christ. I never really thought about my God story until I took the course and it made things so much clearer for me. Not only that but during the course I could see myself grow in faith, and also opened my eyes to some problems I did not know I had. iTOG made me grow stronger in my faith and I recommend it to any and everyone."

International Worship Gathering

Next Gathering: Sun, Feb 18 at 10:45

Location: THE BOX at Cornerstone Church of Ames (56829 US Highway 30, Ames, IA 50010.

We invite all international students to attend the IFC International Worship Gathering!

This is like a Christian church service that is specifically designed for international students who follow Jesus, but it is open to any international student.

**If you need a ride to the worship gathering, please talk with one of the IFC leaders in your family group to give you a ride.**

These worship gatherings will be monthly gatherings...(roughly) once per month. The Spring 2018 dates are: 1/21, 2/18, 4/15.

The goal is to have worship and Bible teaching using language and culture that is understandable and relevant to internationals from any country even with lower English ability. There will be opportunities to read the Bible, discuss, and even sing in your own language and other languages. Furthermore, you will be able to meet and discuss with other Christian international students.

Come join us and worship Jesus with brothers and sisters from around the world!

**We are an extension of Cornerstone Church. To learn more about what we believe and teach as well as other information about our church, you can check out www.cornerstonelife.com

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