Next IFC Event:

IFC Halloween Party

Friday, October 26 @ 7pm

Come enjoy:

  • Dressing up in Halloween costumes
  • Carving a Halloween pumpkin
  • Halloween treats
  • Halloween games
  • Halloween dances
  • And lots of fun celebrating Halloween with friends from Iowa and around the world!

Bring your friends, everyone is welcome!

The party is held at Cornerstone Church of Ames, 56829 US Highway 30, Ames, IA 50010

IFC Events Throughout the Year

IFC Farm Festival - August

The best way to get to know Iowa is by visiting a Farm.

Come join hundreds of Americans and international students for a great time eating food, petting farm animals, playing games and dancing...where you will have lots of fun and make lots of friends.

IFC Halloween Party - October

Come dress up in a costume, carve a pumpkin, play some Halloween games, eat some Halloween treats, learn some Halloween dances and much more!


During the month of December, we have a large Christmas Celebration.  Many family groups will hold a meal together, learn about Jesus and the meaning of the Christmas season, and possibly even attend a Christmas service at a church.  

IFC Sports and Games Night - January

Come play games and sports (of all sorts), have fun with your friends, and make new friends from Iowa and around the world

We sports, board games, card games, yard games, and party games for you to enjoy!


To kickoff our spring semester of IFC, we hold a PROM! A prom is where you can dance the night away with friends, take photos in our photo booth, and dress up for the special occasion. 


Winter Getaway is a weekend trip IFC holds. During Winter Getaway you can take two days to get out of town to relax out in nature.  You will have the opportunity to hang out with friends, play games, and learn about Jesus. 


Sometimes during the month of March, the Easter holiday will fall in this time.  Easter is an important day for followers of Jesus as it is a time to remember what he did for us.  Many family groups will hold a special teaching, or attend a Easter church service during this time. 


April is when we have our End-of-the-Year BBQ.  At the bbq, it is a time of food and hanging out with IFC friends you have made throughout the year.


During the summer time, we still hold regular IFC Family Groups, but some groups may take a break. Even if your group is taking a break, you are welcomed to join another group for the summer time.  Along with regular family group, we will do events such as a pool party and game night, camping trip, and other social events throughout the summer.