About IFC

The International Friendship Connection (IFC) is a fellowship of international students from all over the world and American friends who seek to care, welcome, serve and support international students, scholars and their families. We are sponsored by Cornerstone Church of Ames to help others experience love, hope, and meaning in their lives. We are continually working hard to makes Ames feel like a “home away from home” for many who are so far away from their own families.

Do you feel that Ames is not yet your new home? Come and join us!

Are you looking for fun things to do? Come and join us!

Are you seeking to learn about the real purpose of life through knowing God? Definitely come and join us!

We have many ways for you to become involved in our IFC “family,” including weekly Family Groups, English Conversational Partner program, and special events throughout the year. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Eric Warren

IFC Ministry Leader


Our Leaders

IFC has two full time ministry leaders on staff. Their names are Eric Warren and Elle Johnson. Eric is the IFC Ministry Leader, and to connect with him, please email him at ewarren@cornerstonelife.com.  Elle is the IFC Women's Ministry Leader, to connect with Elle, please email her at emjohnson@cornerstonelife.com.  

Our Stories

Eric's Story: I grew up in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I attended the University of Northern Iowa, and I graduated with a teaching degree in the areas of English, Spanish, and ESL. I met my lovely wife, Andrea, at UNI, and we got married in 2008. I have 5 years of teaching experience in elementary, middle, and high school, teaching primarily ESL. My wife Andrea and I spent 2 years in China, from 2009-11, studying Chinese and sharing the message of Christ with friends. In 2013 I received my MA in Missiology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I currently have 3 awesome children named Malachi, Isaac, and Zara. I have been the director of IFC since summer of 2014.

Elle's Story: Hello everyone! I am originally from North Central Iowa about an hour north of Ames.  I attended Iowa State University, and graduated May 2017 with a K-8 Elementary Education degree complete with endorsement areas in Reading, ELA, and Social Studies.  I fell in love with the nations during my freshman year at Iowa State when I went on a spring break trip. On the trip, I was exposed to many different cultures in the Twin Cities area.  Since my freshman year, I have made many friends from all over the world in Ames, traveled to India the summer of 2015, and have participated as an IFC college student leader my junior and senior year of college.  My current  stage of life will comprise of serving as the IFC Women's Ministry Resident, while pursuing a MA in Theology.